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    Bowling Award Ideas

    Top Bowler Award Ideas

    There might be people who still don’t understand the technicalities of bowling but, that doesn’t cast a doubt on its popularity. In fact, its popularity is surging every passing day and its growing by leaps and bounds. Therefore, as the game surges in popularity, the need for creative bowler award ideas increases too.

    Bowling is a simple game that requires no complex rules and regulations to play. Anyone can play it, and it does not need serious investment to become a player, and there are more and more people actually participating in the game each year.

    But there are many people that are getting discouraged ,Why? That is the question everyone needs an urgent answer to. The truth is, the organizers of bowling competitions or games lack efficient reward methods that will motivate the players and encourage others who have not started playing yet. In another word, being able to come up with effective bowler award ideas by organizers is crucial to the efficacy of the game.

    No doubt about it that adding a prize to bowling competition will add more value to bowlers’ experience. The goal of achieving a specific milestone in order to win an award will fuel their passion for the game and make them want to give their all. So, to sum it up in a statement; bowlers need to be awarded for their accomplishments.

    In case you’re thinking of organizing a bowling party or competition, here are some bowling award ideas to help you reward your participants’ bowling skills.


    Highest bowling score

    Yes, that’s right! Whoever scores the most point during the competition or party deserves to be awarded. This will definitely push players into giving their all by playing the game with the utmost concentration and high motivation. This award idea adds a little competitiveness to your competition or party and helps bring out the best in each of your game participants.

    Lowest bowling score

    Sometimes, not only the best winner deserves an award, but also the best of the worst. If you want to encourage these set of people to put in more efforts in their standard bowling practice, you could award them with a small token or gift. A certificate of participation would probably do, so is presenting them awards that do not cost as much as those to be presented to the winners. You can as well, consider having a “best of the worst” trophy presented to someone who was the first from the last, to help those without much bowling prowess compete among themselves.

    Greatest moment

    There are such moments that are remarkable in the game of bowling — such moments when unintentionally messes up their bowl so badly that the sheer forces of the chaos caused knocks a strike down in another lane entirely. You could as well help the anarchist and help them make such moments a more memorable one. Rewarding such moments will definitely give a bowler ice-breaker for months to come.




    Most style

    A prize for the most stylish bowler could be a perfect bowler award idea to bring out a strange, though sometimes humorous side of even the staunchest of bowlers. You can award a bowler for combining both dress sense and specific levels of bowling swagger.

    Award For Bowlers

    Beyond generating bowler award ideas for bowling parties or competitions, here are a few great awards that can be presented to bowlers.

    Hand-held Bowling Games

    There are tons of handheld bowling games out there to give bowlers. Since bowlers have a passion for what they do, they’ll probably love to play small handheld bowling games too. Therefore, giving them a bowling game is an effective means of providing them a fun platform with bowling even when they are not at the lanes.

    Bowling Clothing

    Passionate bowlers most times love showcasing their talents in a bowling themed clothing. It’s, therefore, a no-brainer that giving bowlers funny bowling t-shirts or bowling-themed tie will make a great award. You can also get them socks with bowling images and phrases or cute purses shaped just like bowling bags.



    Bowling Nick Knacks

    There several types of nick-knack in a bowling theme if you want to get one for your bowling game participants. What about pens, picture frames, stationery, watches, clocks, ornaments and just anything you can think of in a bowling theme? Depending on the bowler, you can actually present each bowler with something that will work perfectly with their décor.

    Bowling Bag

    Ease of movement for bowlers should never be compromised for anything else. You can present bowlers with fancy bags for their bowling balls. You can find bowling bags in a wide array of colors and styles, and they will make a great addition for any bowler. You will need to choose something that fits each bowler’s personality or one that you think they would love to take to lanes with them.

    Bowling Jewelry

    Bowling jewelry is not only a great award for a female bowler but also for a male bowler, although there are specific jewelry designs for male bowlers. You can find great necklaces, bracelets, and earrings geared toward bowlers that feature pins, bowling balls, and other related items.

    One of the distinguishing things about bowling jewelry is ranges from elegant to cute depending on the style and personality of the bowlers to be presented with the award.

    Bowling Water Bottle

    Bowling can be a really tough game. That is why presenting bowlers with a water bottle could come handy for a hardcore bowler. A bowler can reach out to water bottle after a big game for a refreshing drink.

    Bowling Standard Playing Cards

    Bowling card is also a perfect bowling gift that can be given to bowlers. It would be appreciated by any bowler who enjoys playing card before a bowling game.

    But remember, no matter what you are getting for bowlers as presents, don’t forget to get them pizza too!


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