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    Bowling Techniques And Tips

    Bowling techniques and tipsbowling techniques and tips

    Have you been struggling with your bowling game, and you don’t know what to do to get back on track? Have you even thought about just giving up and taking up another sport? Don’t worry, anyone that has been bowling for awhile has had the same thoughts as you, and that’s why I decided to help with some bowling techniques and tips you may not have thought of. Before we get started, if you have not already read this book, I highly recommend it to EVERY BOWLER, it is filled with so much information that can help any bowler. CLICK ON THIS LINK TO VIEW IT

    First thing you need to think about before we begin with these bowling techniques and tips, is to think about when did your problems begin? or have you been having the same problems over and over from the start?

    Lets take it step by step, this might sound strange at first, but
     one of the tips is before you even come into the center, get your mind right, meaning, don’t set your mind to say that you know you are not going to bowl well, and also don’t go in the other direction telling yourself that you are going to bowl a 300 game, ( you might do that, but if you don’t you will be very disappointed) This is what I do, as I am driving to the bowling ally, I tell myself that I will do the best that I can, know matter what happens.

    The next step is to make sure you have the right equipment for the lane condition that you have to face, and the only way that you will understand that is to get as much practice shots as you can within the 5 or 6 minutes before your team starts to bowl. One of the techniques that I use is to pick a mark and when your ball rolls over that mark pay attention where does the ball hit the pins. If you are right handed it should hit the 1-3 pocket and if you are left handed the 1-2 pocket. If your bowling ball doesn’t get to the pocket, before you change your mark, move you feet right or left. Right handed bowlers move right and left handed move left. If you hit your mark and your ball cross over to much, then do the opposite. Take your time and wis ork on your techniques. Once you feel that you are lined up, now in that short amount of time that is left, work on picking up your ten pin and 7 pin.

    Next, depending on how many right or left handed bowlers that are rolling their balls over your same track, can make a big different of how long your track condition will remain the same, so it is very important for you to continue to watch the reaction of what your ball is doing as it hits that same mark that you started with. As soon as you see that it has changed, make an adjustment with your feet first or change your mark, or change to another bowling ball if you have others, but don’t keep trying to make your ball do something it was not drilled to do by keeping to roll over that same mark that is not working now.

    Earlier I said to make sure you have the right equipment before you start and besides your bowling ball, if you have and need a wrist brace, don’t wait until your wrist start hurting to put it on, do it before you start bowling your practice shots. Make sure that your bowling shoes are sliding and not sticking on the bowling approach.

    Remember I already said to make sure your mind is right and into the game. you will miss some every easy spares, you will get some splits, your team will not win every game and sometimes you will feel that its your fault. Just do your best and don’t get discourage or freak out. Bowling can sometimes feel like a roller coaster, one game up another down, some weeks you feel like your on top of the world and then down in the valley.  Whatever you do, don’t ever show bad emotions when bowling by hitting the machines, or using curse words or throwing anything, because when you get through doing all that, just look down at the lane that you just left those pins on, they are still up, and now you look foolish and you have not accomplish anything.

    One of the most important Tip I can give you is whenever you can, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, using the bowling techniques and tips I shared with you. Also when you practice don’t work on trying to score high, working on your weak techniques, on making your ten and seven pins if they have been giving you problems, work on hitting whatever mark you are looking at,  try the inside lines, down and in lines. Also check with your pro shop to make sure you have the right weight bowling ball and that it is drilled for your hands correctly.These tips will help you become a better bowler for a longer amount of time.




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