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    Bowling Tips For Beginners

    Bowling Tips for Beginners

     Take the time to study the information in this well research book to help you improve your bowling game. Click on this link and watch the video for more information-

    One of the first things that will be very helpful as you read bowling tips for beginners is to relax and have fun. This tip is something that every bowler needs to have no matter if you are just starting out or if you have been bowling for years.

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    Some mistakes that beginner bowlers start with is going out and buying very expensive equipment, so one of the bowling tips for beginners is to, when you go into the bowling center where you are planning on starting your practice, look for a bowling ball that feels comfortable as far as the weight of the balling ball. Next, make sure after you get the weight right, you have to make sure the fingers fit your fingers correct, meaning that they are not to large that will cause the bowling ball to fall off your hand when you try to release it, or that the holes in the bowling ball are to tight, causing you to not be able to let the ball leave your bowling hand because it is sticking to your fingers. To large holes or to tight holes can cause pain and also injury to your bowling hand.


    The next bowling tip is, until you are sure that this is a sport that you feel that you want to really get into, use the bowling center house shoes to start with, yes I know they don’t look great, and yes others have used them before you, but, don’t go out right away and buy some expensive bowling shoes, there is plenty of time for that. You will have to get used to them because they will slid on the lane surface more then you think, so slow your steps until you get used to them.bowling shoes


    Now that you have the right weight bowling ball, and you are sure that the finger holes are fitting your bowling hand the right way, and your bowling shoes are not falling off your feet or your toes are not screaming for more room, let’s get started bowling and having fun.


    Most bowling centers are modernize and up to date with their scoring system, and will keep your bowling scores for you each game, and if you don’t know how to enter your name before you begin your game, just ask the front desk to enter it for you and soon you will be able to learn how to do it on your own after a few times going to the bowling center.


    Just a few more bowling tips for the beginner is to make sure you don’t bring any food or drinks down to where you are bowling, because if you drop any food or spill any of your drink and it gets on your sliding bowling shoe, when you go to roll your bowling ball and your shoes sticks on the bowling lane, you will find yourself laying on the bowling approach or even worse, going over the foul line and sliding on the lane oil. I have seen many people really hurt themselves and even fracture their wrist or twist their ankle.


    This is just some bowling tips for beginners just to get you started before you start trying to knock down all those bowling pins. The important thing right now is to have fun. There will be another article to teach you bowling techniques for the beginners that will teach you how to get better in your sport of bowling.





    1. Brian Kennedy

      This site is a really cool and pretty unique as well. I like to bowl for fun a couple of times a year or so. I have always wanted to be able to curve the ball but I have always been pretty awful at it. Do you have any tips that might help with my technique so I can show my friends up next time we go bowling?

      • admin

        Thank you Brian for your commend, there is a fantastic book that I highly recommend to every bowler, you can go in my website and go to the post BOWLING TECHNIQUEs and tips, and click on the link that will take you to this incredible book that is for beginners to bowlers that have been bowling for a long time.


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