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    How To Improve Your Bowling Average

    Topic : How to Improve Bowling Average       


    Bowling is a game many call a social sport. In fact, it is one of the few games friends and families can play to catch wholesome fun without being a professional athlete. From having a great day bowling with friends, to spending so much time in a bowling center; so many persons have made bowling a hobby they find pleasure in.

    Some have dug further into exploring the complexities of this simple and great game. Such exploration has led many new and old bowlers to seek effective ways on how to improve bowling average.

    A good bowling average is placed about 140-170 range. Any mark lesser than or below 140 is regarded as below average and the range of 170-190 is termed above average.

    So, how do you figure out your bowling range? How do you know if you are a low average bowler, middle average bowler or high average bowler? Acknowledging your skill level is a very important step to take if you want to know how to improve your bowling average. To get your average score, you will need to add up all the scores from the games you played and split or divide by the amount of games bowled. To illustrate, I got the following scores from three (3) games. I bowled 160, 130,150. I have gotten 440 pins which is an addition of the 3 scores. To get my average score, I will need to divide the pins by 3. My average score will be 146.67, approximately 146. There is a Fantastic book I feel that every bowler, from beginner to even those who have been bowling for years should read and study. The name of the book is THE ULTIMATE BOWLING GUIDE. You can click on this link to view it and order it once you see the incredible information within this book.( click on this link )

    Now, you can easily identify your skill set by calculating your average score. If the score is below average, you do not need to panic or give up on your favorite sport. In this article, we will discuss effective tips you need to apply and master that will help you improve your bowling average. Click on this link for a fantastic book that will help improve your bowling game . Once again I highly recommend that every bowler from beginner to even those who have bowled for years, take the time if you have not already read this book to do it today. Click on this link



    Tip 1: Use the Correct Equipment

    To increase your average in bowling and your performance, you need the right tools. The most essential tool in bowling is the ball. Take your time to practice with various types of balls at first, then select the ball you are most comfortable with. In order to deliver the best of shots, the ball must be your friend. It is highly recommended that you buy a ball for your use alone. The ball should not be too light for your grip.Bowling Ball


    You also need to invest in good shoes. All you need are regular shoes with a smooth sole. The shoes must have a great grip on surfaces and should be very comfortable to wear.bowling shoes


    Tip 2: Get the Bowling Posture Right

    How do you hold the ball while bowling? Your bowling posture can greatly influence your performance. The right way to hold the ball is to make sure the ball is balanced on your palm and your fingers lightly gripped in the holes. The opposite free hand should be used to support the weight. If you are righthanded, ensure that the ball is aligned to the right side of the body. Relax your shouldets and bend your knees a bit as you place your left foot on the center of the lane. Your arm should be balanced so that the ball works as a normal extension of your arm.


    Tip 3: How Regular is your Bowling Practice?

    You need to set aside some time, at least, once or twice a week to practice bowling. The easiest way to becoming consistent is to join a league. Joining a league will give you firsthand experience as you learn from others who are already good in the sport. High average bowlers do turn up earlier than others, before each game starts. Try to show up ontime of you want to learn a thing or two.


    Tip 4: How Do you Deliver the Ball?

    A throw or a roll? Knowing how your ball is delivered will help you improve your bowling average. Never throw the bowling ball: let it roll. Alot of bowlers do throw their balls without knowing they do it. This is because they cannot tell the difference between a throw and a roll. The major difference between the two can be determined by the sound of their landing. A bowling ball lands with a loud sound when it is thrown and lands quietly when it is rolled. A thrown ball will slide for sometime before it rolls while the rolled ball will roll down the lane.


    Tip 5: You Need to Make your Sparks

    Many bowlers lost a game because they misse a spare. Whenever you miss a spare, it will cost about 11 pins. You need to concentrate and focus picking up spares especially on the same lanes you bowl on regularly. Set the goal of practising with experienced bowlers who have mastered the art of bowling on more than a lane condition.


    Tip 6: Get a Coach

    To increase your bowling speed you can seek the help of a bowling professional. A coach will help you practice accuracy and point our weaknesses and mistakes.

    If getting a coach is too expensive for you, you can teach yourself by watching educative online videos and courses on bowling. Practice what you learn from the videos. Criticize and analyze your level of expertise by setting up a video recording of you bowling. Play the recordings of your games again and again.bowling coaching



    Tip 7: Find your mark on the lane.

    There are seven arrows on the lane. Do not aim for the middle, as it usually leads to a split. If you’re right-handed, aim for the arrow just to the right of the center. If you are left handed aim for the arrow just to the left. This mark is the best starting place for strikes.

    If it is easier, move your feet to the right or left before you start approaching the lane so that your feet are lined up with the correct marker, then just throw straight ahead.

    Almost all balls will hook, at least a little, and the lanes are designed for this. You want your ball to hit between the first pin and the next one in line behind it for strikes. This is called the “pocket”.


    Bowling is a great sport. It can be fun. It can be challenging to learn and master the art of bowling like a pro. The best way you can improve your bowling average is to practice, practice, practice.





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