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    Perfect 300 bowling game – Improve Accuracy


    Perfect 300 bowling game- Improve Accuracy


    Just a few thoughts to help you to prepare yourself for your first perfect 300 bowling game. If  you want to one day receive that 300 bowling award, its very important to be prepared to do it step by step.


    Is it possible for you to bowl your first perfect game

    The answer is absolutely yes. You may have watched others in your league or on TV bowl that perfect 300 game and deep down within yourself, you wish it was you, but also you said to yourself, “ I could never do that”. But with practice, and the right frame of mind, you could be the next league on your way to your first, second, third, or who knows how many 300 games are just waiting for you  to just put it all together.

    How to go about setting yourself up to bowl your very first perfect 300 game

    Before you even go into you’re bowling center, you need to make sure that you have prepared your body, by first wearing the right clothes that are not to tight that will restrict your moments, or to lose that may get in the way of your arm swing, you should not go there hungry and end up going to the food court and possibly stepping in something someone may have spilled. Always go to the restroom before you start bowling. Don’t forget to stetch ( especially us older guys ). Make sure that you have the right bowling balls for each lane condition. The first few minutes of practice are very important to see if the lanes are too oily causing your ball not to hook too much, or to dry causing your bowling ball to hook to much. If you wear a wrist brace, make sure it is adjusted correctly. Make sure that your bowling shoes slid and not stick, if you are a slider. Be comfortable in everything you do. As I just said, the first few minutes of your practice warm up is very important, and if you don’t get it right in those few minutes, getting to your prefect 300 bowling game will be that much harder for you.

    Concentration, Concentration

    I can’t stress enough how important it is to focus on you’re bowling approach, meaning, where to stand, what arrow or mark you want to consistently roll your bowling ball over, concentrate and make sure your bowling ball is going into the 1-3 pocket if you are right-handed or the 1-2 pocket if you are left-handed. Bowling that perfect 300 game requires all the above.

    Shutting down outside noises to prepare you for what’s to come

    You may have other bowlers around you that may want to help you are to encourage you to bowl your perfect 300 game, just keep in mind that they mean well, but that is also a distraction from your concentration that I talked about above. You may have to just walk away and get your thoughts together.

    Preparing your brain to bowl your very first 300 game

    As you get closer to bowling one strike after another, and you get to the 9th frame, then the 10th frame, its very important as much as possible to not think about bowling your 300 game, and the reason I say this is that you put a lot of pressure on yourself and you may lose the concentration that you once had when you first started and end up pulling the ball or putting something extra on your release and your bowling ball will react different. You also may get a little weak in your knees at that point, and that’s why its important to just do what you have been doing for all the other frames.

    As you know, not everyone will be blessed to achieve the ultimate goal of bowling that 300 game, but if you work hard and practice and focus on all that I mention above you will have a head start before so many of your league bowlers, but don’t get discourage if it is taken you awhile to get to that perfect 300 bowling game. Just think about, others have done it, and if they can, so can you. Practice, practice, practice and soon you will be receiving your 300 bowling award in front of all your league bowlers.













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